LBS Bina Group

LBS Bina Group Berhad does more than just develop houses. It is a management and investment holding company, shaping the landscapes and enhancing communities of the future. LBS creates inspiring and delightful spaces that caters to all Malaysians. Be it residential, commercial, retail, leasing, hospitality and even tourism, LBS ensures their homes, townships and premises gives its customers the platform to experience a quality and balanced lifestyle suitable to meet the needs in today’s ever-growing market.

Case details

Client name:
LBS Bina Group Berhad
July 15, 2018
All in One Solutions

LBS’s many projects were lead by different teams causing fragmentations in the ownership, management and maintenance of digital assets. These were not just costly, but tedious to maintain and not transparent, thus bound for negligence and eventually, lost of assets. Further to this, websites were inaccessible and difficult to update.

EYE introduced a management system that automates maintenance of domains and hosting of all LBS’s digital assets, consolidating (and in the process, rescuing) all remaining digital assets from various parties.

EYE also removed the barrier to update multiple websites belonging to various projects by unifying them into a single system and provided consistent updating of information through our easy process.

After 1 year, LBS were able to easily audit their digital assets in one dashboard, giving them the extra time to better strategize their digital marketing plans.

The increase of updates to all their project websites meant that each of them enjoyed better SEO ranking, awareness and lead generation.

Further, the cost for maintaining different hosting and management was reduced significantly, saving LBS time and money that can be invested in better areas.