We are a bunch of corporate misfits turned social entrepreneurs who saw hidden potential in our youths and would like to help them realize their full potential in achieving their goals and aspirations, thus building a pipeline of highly empowered talents for the nation!


Mohd Reza Samsani Co-Founder, Managing Director

Mohd Reza Samsani graduated with an honors degree from the University of London in Economics and Management. He completed his 'O' Levels at Sayfol International School where he was the Vice President of the Student Council and Captain of the Sports Team and subsequently, pursued his 'A' Levels at Kemayan ATC. His work experience includes security management in the aviation sector, as an executive in the finance department of a multinational corporation and as a consultant at an accounting firm. Prior to EYE Project, he was previously an Analyst at VSAPAC Malaysia, where amongst others, he had served both local and regional businesses and ministries in advising specific matters in the areas for economic development.

He has been a Convenor of Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM) since 2009 and continues to take interest in youth development in the country, which had leaded him to design and develop the EYE Project with Co-Founder, Chris Tock.

Christopher "Spinzer" Tock Co-Founder, Executive Director

Christopher Tock was previously the Director of Information Systems for the UK and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) in 2005/06 and 2006/07 where he was among those who helped to revive UKEC as a student movement and launched projects such as the UKEC Careers' Fair, Projek Amanat Negara IV and the 1st Malaysian Student Leaders' Summit 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. He was also previously the Communication Secretary to Imperial College Malaysian Society, as well as a representative of the Overseas Student Committee responsible for liaising between all overseas society in Imperial College, London where he graduated in Joint Mathematics & Computer Science.

Previously he was an e-Business development executive for ECM Libra Investment Bank, where he was part of a team heading the development of a forward-driven online share trading portal called www.ecmmoney.com. He is also a founding convenor at Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM), as well as an active committee member of the Imperial College Alumni Association in Malaysia (ICAAM). Besides playing a role as a Technical Consultant at a prono-bono initiative on unity called RandomAlphabets.com, he is also celebrity blogger at www.spinzer.us covering prestigious events he is invited to on top of sharing his love for food, and last but not least, an accidental entrepreneur dedicated to the development of Malaysia's future leaders.

Christopher Tock was recently invited as a Founding shaper of the Global Shapers Community - Kuala Lumpur Hub, an initiative by the World Economic Forum and a recipient of Prestige Malaysia's Top 40 Under 40 Awards.

Pioneer EYEs


251552_10150360102997289_4256573_n.jpgSyed Hanif completed his "O" Levels at Sayfol International School where he was appointed as a prefect, starting point guard for the school's basketball team and sprinter among many others. He worked as a professional DJ after completing his O-levels at the age of 16 before pursuing an honours degree from the University of London. In his second year, he decided to do a double major in advertising and marketing communications, accredited by the International Advertising Association (IAA) New York. During his college days, he was also heavily active in music as a DJ and producer. Hanif was part of an underground hip hop outfit The Rebel Scum and drum & bass crew of The Works. He was also the music director for AC Disini, a malaysian tv program on Astro. He is currently working in the Marketing department for one of the largest newspaper company in Malaysia. Where the opportunity arise, he is also venturing on a few passion projects as a music producer and video director.

He was instrumental in helping the founders in the development of branding strategy for the EYE Project and continues to assist in various initiatives when opportunity arises. Currently, Hanif is working with myHarapan under the Outreach Department.

Nashrul Hazran

25546_108968112452342_2309564_n.jpgNashrul Hazran was previously the President of Student Council UniKL Malaysia (2009-2011) and also the President of Student Council UniKL MICET (2009-2011) where, together with all his committee members, he was driven to prove that IPTS students could achieve the same level as IPTA students especially in academic achievements as well as in organizing programs. During his time in campus, he was active in planning and implementing activities for the students in UniKL. His last project was organizing a humanitarian trip to Sabah to help the underprivileged people in PulauMabul. The program titled "Program JelajahAlamdanKembaraMinda 2010" was participated by more than 30 students and fully supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia.

Hailing from Kota Bharu Kelantan, Nashrulhazran completed his Degree and Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology at UniKL MICET and SijilPelajaran Malaysia (SPM) at the Royal Military College (RMC) Kuala Lumpur. 

Nashrul was also instrumental to the formation of the Student Engagement Center (SEC) which is endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

He currently works for Halliburton Energy Services (M) Sdn Bhd.



Lee Chon is currently an engineer in ExxonMobil where he develops strategies to ensure that the refinery plant runs smoothly. During his time in University Teknologi PETRONAS, he was active in co-curricular activities having already organized many events including Talent Search, Book Fair, and also a Children Provision Charity. He went for a research on Solid Mechanics, one of the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, at Engineering Science Department, University of Oxford in 2011 for 8 months. He then joined the EYE Project with the hope to learn and help more youths to achieve their absolute best according to their passion and dreams.

Lee Chon hopes that he can help change Malaysia to be a better place and be able to live together with other passionate youths around Malaysia. Also, he would like to express his greatest gratitude to EYE project, the start up he had (and is still having) faith in when there were only 2 people in the organization, in grooming him and giving him opportunities to meet and learn from movers and shakers in Malaysia.


Jason.jpgJason Lee was previously 2010/2011 State Secretary of the Malaysian Students Council of Australia (MASCA), International Students' Representative for his Law Faculty and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. He was also featured in an Australian TV programme featuring his student life as a Malaysian, which can be viewed at www.tiny.cc/MyAustralia. Prior to that, he was his School Sports Captain at SMK Damansara Utama and the President of the Entrepreneurship Club during his Pre-U days at Taylor's University College.

After graduating with a Law Degree and Masters of International Business from the University of Tasmania, he started his journey in building up young leaders of today through EYE Project and later SocialGrooves.com. At the same time, he took up a position as a Law Lecturer in Property Law and Tort Law at KDU University College.

As an adventurer, Jason lives life on the edge having done Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping and once hiked up a dormant volcano! He believes that a life of adventure gives one the audacious courage to step out and make a meaningful difference. Jason is active in his church leadership and has a heart to build a #betterMalaysia regardless of religion, race or radical thinking.

He is currently an International Graduate in Standard Chartered Bank's Global Graduate Programme. You can engage with him at @jasonleecj.



Wafi was previously the President of National Student Consultation Council or known as “Majlis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan (MPPK)”  2010-2011 and also the President of Student Representative Council USM (2010-2011). MPPK consists of the student leaders from all IPTAs and IPTS in Malaysia. As the President of MPPK, Wafi was responsible to lead this big organization to ensure the student right and student welfare in Malaysia protected.

In USM, he brought the idea of Student Parliament to be held in university and finally USM became the first university in Malaysia held the Student Parliament in 2010. At the national level, he was trying to bring the idea of student parliament so that there will be student parliament at the national level. Because of this idea, he was invited to become panel in few TV talkshow  such as Astro Awani and RTM to discuss on students issues including of student parliament idea.

After he completing his Degree in Bachelor of Physics (Geophysics) , he worked for 5 months in Student Affair Departments USM before he joined EYE as Student Consultant. Now he was working as Research Officer in one of consultant companies in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2012, he was appointed by the government to become the Speaker of Youth Parliament (trial). This trial youth parliament became the first one held in Malaysia. He was invited too by Mobtv, RTM dan Bfm radio to share his experience as the first Speaker of Youth Parliament (trial).

In 2011, he was awarded by USM the Vice Chancellor Gold Award because his excellence in academic and leadership. Then 2012, he was awarded by UMNO, the Special Award because his contribution to the students in Malaysia and universities.




215670_10151156178751353_120041586_n.jpgA Perak born girl who major in Science then pursues tertiary studies in Mass Communication at Lim Kok Wing of Creative Technology University. Back in school days, she’s actively involved in music and drama society and also held positions in the prefect board of ACS Ipoh as a Relations and Welfare Exco. In LimKokWing University she was actively participating in campus programs and including volunteering for events such as Asia Media Summit 2008.

Haryani have a vast professional experience having been an entrepreneur and a baker  at Lil Teepah’s Kitchen, she had also worked as a Personal Assistant to a Chairman of a construction company.

In 2012 she was leading the sponsorship drive and member of the committee for the first ever Twit Up in Ipoh. Whereas in 2013, she was a part of the organizing team for Malaysia Social Media Week event. Other than that, she’s also a social media strategist and advocates for selected campaigns and affiliation.

Beyond the media field, politics has been her interest where she’s actively participating in her constituency. Other than that, she enjoys volunteering for CSR work and in 2013, organized a program with the Chow Kit kids.

Currently, she serves as an advisor for a couple of projects at EYE Project Management and leading a leadership initiative for young women called EVE (Empowering Venus Everywhere). She strongly believes that women have an integral role in society. They are the backbone of our communities and driving force for the economy. This initiative was first conceptualized to inspire and motivate young women to believe that they can achieve greater career and personal prospects.

 ‘ Peranan kita untuk membangunkan Negara amat penting dan wanita yang berilmu sahaja yang boleh membantu.’ Tun Siti Hasmah



215670_10151156178751353_120041586_n.jpgWan Hazman is a graduate of University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) majored in Land Administration and Development. Wan Hazman was previously the president of student representative council University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and national president of the Student Representative Council (MPP) 2011-2012. During his tenure, Wan Hazman was the Malaysian Representative and Speaker at International Conference of ASEAN Young Leader Yogjakarta Indonesia (2011). At national level, he was invited to become panel in few TV talk show such TV1, RTM and Astro Awani to discuss on 1 Malaysia student discount card (of which he was integral in its conceptualization), 1 Malaysia book vouches including the issue of free education and more.

In 2012, he was awarded by UTM the university’s highest honor The Royal Education Award for his excellent achievements in both academically (First Class CGPA 3.93) and co-curriculum pursuits. In the same year, he was awarded Anugerah Nadi Negara and the Berita Harian Varsity Icon award under the Leadership Category.

Currently, he is Member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Volunteers Siswa (YSS) and Panel member of PEMUDAH of young officials. He also active in presentation of paper work about student and contribution to the nation, excellent co-curricular and Malaysia Challenges in Achieving High Income Developed Country Status.

After him completing his Bachelor in Land Administration and Development he served as Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Foundation Student Volunteer (2013). Presently he is pursuing his doctorate in Philosophy Land Administration and Development in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Youth Advisors

(Ben) Tan Yin Qin

Ben_pic.jpgBen is currently pursuing his Economics degree in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is active in the entrepreneurial scene and volunteers at events that help promote entrepreneurship among youths. He discovered EYE Project Management when he participated in the Student Leadership Symposium 2012.

The following year, he decided to volunteer for the Student Leadership Symposium 2013 and then proceeded to intern at EYE Project before leaving for the UK. At EYE, he was in charge of creating content to be uploaded to the social media outlets that helped raise awareness of the programs run by EYE, he helped with the construction of questions for the SFCF ICQ and also did data research for creative content creation.

Due to distance and time difference,he currently only helps out at EYE whenever possible. He is currently the president of the Edinburgh Malaysian Student Association which takes care of the welfare of the Malaysian Students studying in Edinburgh. He is also part of the Entreprenuership Council at UKEC which aims to promote entreprenerurship among Malaysian students studying in the UK.

Finally, he is also active in Innovative Consultancy University of Edinburgh (iCUE) which promotes entrepreneurship, provides advice to upcoming entrepreneurs and also is on the Core Organizing Team for The Edinburgh Apprentice, Edinburgh’s largest student business competition.